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Club, Latest, Legal, Volunteer / 15.05.2019

An ‘unincorporated association’ is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit, e.g. a sports club.      The term is also used to describe the organisation as not being a 'corporate body', i.e. the organisation is not a limited company. The vast majority of sports club are unincorporated associations.      You don't need to register an unincorporated association with anyone and its rules and regulations are typically detailed in a constitution.
Bookkeeping, Club, Latest / 14.05.2019

It's a common scenario - a committee member doesn't know how much something is going to cost and asks fellow signatories on the club's bank account to sign a blank cheque, and the committee member will fill the amount and payee in at a later date.   It seems harmless enough but we advise all club committee members to refuse such requests to ensure they are not held to be negligent if a fraud subsequently takes place.
Club, Employment, Latest, Legal, Volunteer / 13.04.2019

A number of clubs were penalised by the tax authorities last year for paying volunteers so called expenses because they were deemed to be a payment for services, i.e. the volunteer was in fact a worker. This will happen if you pay volunteers for more than their actual out-of-pocket expenses and it is something HMRC will scrutinise if they decide to inspect your club or coaching business.
Club, Latest / 07.01.2019

We received the following query from a cycling club today - "Can our CASC registered club register as a charity?" A Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) cannot directly register to become a charity but the club can deregister as a CASC and move its assets without penalty to a newly formed registered charity.
Coach, Latest, Tax / 05.01.2019

With another self-assessment deadline gone, now is a good time for coaches to review their bookkeeping records to ensure they won't have any problems if they are chosen for a tax inspection by HMRC. Here are our top five bookkeeping tips for coaches to get the new financial year off to a good start.