ServeSport | Do I need an Invoice before I pay a self-employed coach?
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Do I need an Invoice before I pay a self-employed coach?

You should ensure that you have a contract with the self-employed worker that states that they will only be paid on submission of a detailed invoice and the contract should also state that the self-employed worker will only be paid if the work delivered is to the satisfaction of the client (the organisation paying the worker).

You should also ensure that you are actually given a valid invoice by the worker and not just a timesheet.        So what should a valid invoice consist of?

  • The word INVOICE
  • Date of invoice
  • Name and address of the customer
  • Details of the services provided – hours worked, work delivered, etc.
  • The amounts being charged
  • Name and address of the self-employed worker
  • A TRADING AS statement if the worker is using a trading name, e.g. Mike Lynch trading as GBSport
  • A unique invoice number, uniquely identifying the invoice


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