ServeSport | Can a Volunteer be Reimbursed for Travel between Home and Club?
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Can a Volunteer be Reimbursed for Travel between Home and Club?

Volunteers CAN be reimbursed for travel between their home and the club they are volunteering at, unlike employees or self-employed workers who cannot claim for travel between home and their ‘principal place of work’.

It is important to ensure that reimbursement is only given when the volunteer completes a claim form and lists the mileage being claimed for by journey, i.e. from postcode, to postcode, reason for travel, number of miles, and the mileage rate agreed.

You do not need petrol receipts for reimbursing such mileage (you only need petrol receipts if the club is VAT registered, in which case, the club may be able to claim some of the VAT paid by the volunteer).

A volunteer can be paid up to 45p per mile tax free for up to 10,000 miles of travel in a financial year (the tax free rate drops to 25p per mile for mileage over 10,000 miles).


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