ServeSport | Taxation For Clubs
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It is a little known fact that the majority of not for profit sports clubs are considered to be small businesses by the tax authorities and are therefore required to comply with relevant tax rules and regulations.

This two hour interactive workshop details the key legal obligations required of a not for profit club by the tax authorities and explains the taxes that are relevant for a not for profit organisation.

In particular, the workshop details why all non-member income for a club is considered taxable, outlines the various schemes available for a club to minimise its potential tax bill, and explains the taxes due when engaging workers.


  • Have a thorough understanding of the taxes that are applicable to a not for profit organisation
  • Have an appreciation of what is involved if the tax authorities decide to inspect a sports club and know the scope of their power/authority, e.g. their authority to go back up to six years to collect unpaid tax
  • Know how and why income from non-members of the club is taxable and what constitutes a member and non-member
  • Know what tax schemes exist for a club to take advantage of to minimise taxes due on income such as that due on non-member income
  • Have a thorough understanding as to when members of the club can be liable for any unpaid tax due from the club that the club cannot pay


Our 2020 programme finished in October 2020 – thank you to everyone who attended a webinar this year.

We will be releasing details of our 2021 programme in January 2021