ServeSport | Paying Workers
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An increasing number of sports clubs are paying workers in their club to provide services such as coaching, grounds maintenance, physiotherapy, cleaning, etc. as well as paying their volunteers for their expenses.

This two hour interactive workshop details the options available to a club for paying for services, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides recommendations on the option best suited to each of the typical paid roles within a club.

We pay particular focus on self-employment, a popular option for many clubs but one which requires a club to be able to prove that their working relationship qualifies as self-employment, rather than employment.

It also highlights the importance of choosing the right option in terms of paperwork – the tax authorities can and do scrutinise sports clubs who pay for services and there are potential significant penalties for clubs and their committee members if mistakes are made.


  • Have a detailed understanding of the options available to a club for paying a worker for services
  • Have a good understanding of the club’s legal obligations for each option and how it may impact on the club’s legal status
  • Be able to choose the appropriate option for their club and worker role
  • Know what paperwork is required and when for each of the detailed options
  • Have a good understanding of the ongoing monitoring required for each of the detailed options


Our 2020 programme finished in October 2020 – thank you to everyone who attended a webinar this year.

We will be releasing details of our 2021 programme in January 2021