ServeSport | Marketing For Clubs
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This two hour interactive workshop outlines how a club can plan and implement an effective marketing strategy to retain its existing customers and attract new ones.

It explains how to adopt a simple step by step approach which starts by explaining how to ensure the existing members and customers keep coming back, how to find out what customers want, and how to ensure that the club has the right people in place to deliver a quality service and programme.

As well as case studies and practical examples, the workshop provides delegates with a wealth of free resources that can be used to professionalise the club’s marketing efforts.


  • Have a thorough understanding as to what motivates people to join a sports club and how to match services to these needs
  • Have a simple step by step template to use to create a simple marketing plan for the intended target market, with practical examples of the type of content required
  • Have a thorough understanding of the types of ‘first impression’ a customer may have of the club and how to ensure their first experience is a positive one
  • Be able to create and implement a simple plan to outline the customer’s expectations of the club and determine easy ways in which to ensure their expectations are exceeded


Our 2020 programme finished in October 2020 – thank you to everyone who attended a webinar this year.

We will be releasing details of our 2021 programme in January 2021