ServeSport | GDPR For Clubs
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is European Parliament legislation that was adopted by all European Union countries in April 2016 and came into force in May 2018.

It provides significant additional obligations on processors of personal data to the existing Data Protection Act and introduces new regulations and penalties.

This two hour interactive workshop details how GDPR affects sports clubs and coaches and the steps needed to ensure a club/coach is fully compliant with the new regulations.

It will specifically look at the common issues clubs and coaches will encounter when complying with GDPR, including membership forms, sending out newsletters and marketing, processing sensitive data, processing medical information, group membership consent, competition entry forms, transferring data to and from your coaching team, and photographic consent for group events.

The workshop will provide an ACTION PLAN and useful checklist for clubs and coaches to use and will explain in practical terms the permissions and documentation needed to comply with the regulation.

The session will include the opportunity to ask questions and to access our dedicated GDPR helpline for seven days after the workshop at no additional charge.


  • Have a thorough understanding of the requirements of GDPR for a sports club processing personal data
  • Be able to review their club’s use of personal data and be able to identify the administration required for compliance
  • Be able to implement the changes needed and establish the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance
  • Be able to establish/update a data protection policy for the club that complies with GDPR


Our 2020 programme finished in October 2020 – thank you to everyone who attended a webinar this year.

We will be releasing details of our 2021 programme in January 2021