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ClubGov is our software self-assessment and planning system for sports clubs that is already in use at over one thousand clubs in Britain.

It enables a sports club to:

  • Access and run a comprehensive range of self-assessments to enable it to review its governance and management practices and thereby obtain instant confidential advice and support
  • Generate a comprehensive list of its strengths and its weaknesses with detailed advice on how to improve and grow the club
  • Generate a club development plan and link club personnel to tasks
  • Track progress on development plan tasks automatically
  • Train its volunteers through a series of online courses, tailored to their role within the club
  • Safely and securely store all key club documents on the system and control access to said documents
  • Enable the club to manage its safeguarding obligations by tracking DBS/PVG compliance and required attendance on mandatory workshops for all relevant volunteers and paid workers
  • Enable the club to manage its volunteer and paid workforce and ensure that any paid self-employed workers such as coaches are paid in such a way that the club complies with HMRC self-employment regulations
  • Access a Resources Library for essential club resources
  • Software is provided to a sport’s governing body to create club reviews for their clubs to complete –┬áServeSport provide a comprehensive set of template reviews for a governing body to use to get started
  • Clubs are then given access to the system – up to ten users per club can register
  • Clubs complete the club reviews and use the software to create/manage their club development plan
  • The governing body can analyse results and can also remotely assist clubs with their answers/development plans


The ClubGov system provides a club with a comprehensive number of self-assessment club reviews to confidentially assess the club’s current strengths and weaknesses in their governance and management practices.

Each review is simple to use – club users answer a series of multiple choice questions that assess the club’s strengths and weaknesses in a wide range of specific governance and management areas such as legal status, finance, welfare, membership retention and attraction, services, to name but a few.

Each question can have a FIND OUT MORE link to ensure that the person completing the question understands what is being asked.

Comments can be added to each question by the users and said comments are included in reports.

Each answer given generates instant and specific advice and tailored resources to enable the club to assess its current strengths and weaknesses and, most importantly, enable it to effectively plan how to move forward to enable the club to grow.

Any suggested improvements generated by the system from the answers can be automatically fed into the club development plan as a suggested task.

Each recommendation made by the system has a suggested priority rating which can be tailored as required and the reviews can be accessed by up to ten people to ensure the exercise is a collaborative process within the club.

The system produces a wide range of reports for use by the club committee and each position within the club – secretary, chairperson, treasurer, etc. – can tailor their own dashboard to monitor progress on any agreed changes.

  • Club reviews can be accessed anytime and completed at their own pace
  • Different reviews/questions can be answered and commented on by multiple users to ensure the right people answer the questions
  • Club gets instant feedback on answers and can be provided with up to three different resources per answer
  • System enables the NGB to provide all of its clubs with detailed customised support on any subject related to the running of a sports club
  • NGB can create an unlimited number of reviews to cover any aspect of running a sports club and each review can have an unlimited number of questions as required
  • Reviews can be grouped together to create a set, e.g. an ANNUAL REVIEW set that the NGB recommends/requires a club to complete once a year
  • NGB can report on the answers given by clubs to determine the top strengths and weaknesses within the sport and thereby allocate training resources accordingly
  • Reviews can be set so that only certain clubs can access, e.g. focus clubs


The software creates a list of the club’s strengths and weaknesses from their answers to the questions in the self-assessment reviews which can be ordered/prioritised to enable the club to plan effectively for the future.

The club can tailor the produced list, adding, editing and deleting items in the list as required.


The ClubGov system provides a club with a simple to use club development plan that enables them to:

  • Generate/create a ‘mission statement’ for the club
  • Generate/create a set of values for the club
  • Generate/create a set of goals and objectives for a set number of years
  • Generate/create tasks for each of the agreed objectives and link club personnel to each task

The generated plan can be accessed by anyone who has access to the system and the club can set how often the system sends reminders to those assigned to tasks.

The system will automatically monitor progress on said tasks and provide club users with the ability to record comments and updates as required.

  • System uses a series of simple questions to enable the club to generate a club development plan and to generate values
  • Key tasks are generated by the system for the plan from the answers given by the club to the questions in the club review
  • Club personnel can easily identify the tasks they have agreed to undertake
  • All development plans have a consistent structure that can be tailored by the NGB
  • Plans can be easily accessed by the NGB and comments/changes made
  • NGB can report on the types of objectives and tasks that have been identified by clubs
  • Tasks can be assigned to NGB personnel as required


The ClubGov system provides a club with access to a series of online training courses which can be tailored to a specific role on the club, such as treasurer, secretary, coach, etc.

Users can work through the course units at their own pace and can assess their understanding of the course material through a series of online quizzes.

Resources can be accessed via completion of the units and each course produces a certificate on completion as required.

  • Club users can learn the skills required for specific roles in the club at their own pace
  • Courses can be used to train future committee members to enable improved succession planning at the club
  • The NGB can create an unlimited number of courses, units and quizzes for their clubs
  • Video and link resources can be used
  • Progress can be tracked across all clubs


ClubGov will be publicly released in January 2020 and is currently in beta release with selected partners such as the Lawn Tennis Association, Scottish Athletics, Tennis Scotland and Welsh Athletics.

Contact us on 01952 201657 if you would like to be placed on the mailing/waiting list for further information nearer the launch date.